Production Update 11/10

Wednesday the 31st we shot Carmen’s Karma and I was the talent. I had a lot of fun getting to play two different characters and I am excited to see how my acting translated onscreen. Then Saturday Nov 3rd I shot the final shots for Homeless Man. It was Caz, Eric and I. Caz helped DP a few shots, But I was the main DP for this scene. We used Eric again as our Homeless man and tried to not show his face that much.I am now in the post stage with Homeless Man, I have a rough cut but needs to be polished with audio and color correction.I am now editing Sharing and have yet to start a rough cut, but I plan to have one for Wednesday the 13th.

Production Update October 28th

This Wednesday we shot i-date. I was the Talent, It was a quick shoot and thus we got it done in one day at the Irish Lion. This Saturday we shot Homeless Man. We started at 5pm because thats when our main actress was available. It ended up working out because with only 2 hrs of daylight I turned 21 day shots into 13 day with 8 night. Then we went to another location and got our opening sequence shots which consisted of 4 shots. We only used LED lights so we had minimal set ups and were very efficient. I didn’t think we were going to fit all the shots in because our main actress needed to be done by 10pm, leaving just 5 hours of production for 25 shots. However we pulled it off! we have 1 more day of shooting left to get 4 more shots that will be my final scene. 

Update on Productions

So Far I have crewed on 3 shorts. Meeting Ends was my first short, I was the lighting. We shot a lot of late nights during that week but we eventually got it all done. I dont think I was prepared for how long the shoots were going to be but in comparison that has been the longest so far. I think this was due to the several locations and lighting setups we had to rig.At one point We stole power and imitated a street light that we gelled and diffused, I was really proud of that because it looked so realistic and changed the entire look of the scene.

Then I worked on The Odd Job last week. That was a one day shoot. I was the audio this time. I used the Marantz recorder and it was a really nice piece of equipment. I prefer it to the zoom recorders. The only downside was there want 1 take in the whole time we were filming that was “clean” Our DP kept saying well folly or ADR but it was a really hard audio shoot. We shot out at an old gas station that no longer is in service. However the inside was turned into a restaurante. The talent was primarily in the car and we needed the windows down to reduce glair, so we hooked the talent up to wireless lav mics. When we opened the kits one of the clips was missing so we just had the talent lay them in their laps. I kept getting a lot of noise due to the talent moving so much. We tried many different positions and places for the pic but never was it perfect. Our third guy didn’t have a mic so we just picked him up on the two lavs that were laying in the laps of the other talent. It all sounded good levels wise but in combination with wind and cars coming up to ask us what we were doing and little disturbances, I do not think we got clean feeds. It was more important to get the good shot than keep shooting because audio was bad. I just hope they can fix it in post and make it sound good.

Last night we worked on The Drop and it was a fairly quick and painless shoot. I was lighting but there was minimal lighting we only used 1 LED so I took over PA duties. We had 3 locations and simple shots so it was nice to be able to work on a project that didnt require too much extra stuff. AND it was warm out:)

Camera Filter Exercise

This week we had to do an exercise where we used different filters, we also had to use a grey card to calibrate our cameras and see how the neutral density filters affected out camera in f-stops. We had some difficulty in the beginning because we were in harsh sunlight and the cameras could not get a good reading. However after moving the grey card into the shade we were able to get accuracy. Each neutral density filter took off approximately 1 stop. We then used a bunch of different filters like gradients, start filters and polarizers. The star filter was hard to use and get a good reflection off of our subject’s glasses, so I don’t believe we ended up using that one. We did have success with the polarizer and other filter even though some of the effects were subtle.
After the exercise I taught Kate how to edit on Premiere and that was interesting because I was trying to show someone a program that I have only used once. I ended up being able to show her and hopefully teach her a good amount, however it was difficult because I had to teach myself as I taught her. I know Final Cut very well but had to adjust myself to using different shortcuts and finding things in different places. Overall I think this exercise was very beneficial for everyone in my group and I can’t wait to move on to bigger and better projects.

Low Contrast

High Contrast

T436 Exercise 2 “Film Look”

T436 Exercise 2 

This is my second exercise in my cinematography class. We had to shoot a scene that looks as much ike film as possible.
Prompt:In the scene one person (or two) will interact with an object.
Use no more than 3-6 shots.

Critique: In this project I really wanted to work on my compositing and achieve 2 characters with 1 actor. I had watched some tutorials and decided that it would be easiest to “freeze” time. I planned everything out and filmed my shots. It wasn’t until I got into post that I ran into problems. My layers kept overlapping each other and I had problems in aftereffects key framing and masking out certain layers. I decided It would be easier to use photoshop and thus I added drop shadows, and the “bad film” look to try to cover up the  hokeyness of it. If I had more time to spend on this project I would definitely spend more time and keyframe out the actually video, but I hope to learn from my mistakes in this project and hopefully use this technique in my future projects.


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